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Afrin in Lines » The districts and Villages of Afrin

Jindares Town
Al-Maabatli Town
Sharran Town
Bulbol Town
Rajo Town

Afrin city in line

1- The location and area : Afrin is located in the north western corner of        Syria and it is an administrative area which is a part of Aleppo with an area of            /2033/ sq km .

2-  The Geological Position : The area dates back to the second and              third Modern Geological Times, so most of its rocks are from the Modern Times.
       But the deposits of Al- ketekh and  Joumeh plains date back to the fourth time.   
       The valley of Afrin and Al-Aswad ( The Black ) Rivers from the end of the big           African-Arabian breaking down which started at the Hill of Lakes , Adan Gulf           and across the Red Sea to Al-Aqaba Gulf and the valley of Jordan .
       The area consists of two regions: Mountains and Plains .

1- The Mountains :
a) Mount Al-Kurd :
It forms a small long area of Torous Mountains and it is surrounded with Afrin          River and Joumeh plain to   the east and south and the Black River to the west .

The highest point of it is 1269  meters . Al-Kurd Mount forms a hill with peaks          and the highest point is "Hawwaryya " Mount which is a rocky hill and lies in             the north of the area . It is covered with big areas of plants like olive trees in the         plains and on the tops .

The Mountain is very steeply towards the valley of the Black River and slightly towards the east and south until the fronts of the plain of Joumeh . It rains  heavily there and it reaches to the level / 400 / millimeters and the rainforest forms 15 % and most trees are oaks ,  olives and many other different kinds as well as wild flowers .

2-Lilon Mount : It lies to the south eastern of Aleppo –Afrin Road and its          broken fronts are steeply towards Afrin River valley and slightly towards Aleppo Hill to take the shape of crack which is exposed to natural erosion and consequently it has many caves such as " Jel Khana " cave and another cave in "Kibar" village. Its northern and western fronts are covered with wild trees such as       oaks , olives trees and there are many abandoned villages and olive squeezes which date back to the Byzantine Era .

There are also many springs at the bottom of the mountiain and they are: Al-Basouta spring , Al-Ghazzaweyya , Ein-Dara and Terenda springs .
3-Ashaakak Heights These heights are ridges of small round hills which start from Aleppo Road as Azaz crossroad and ends at Afrin City in the south and east       and Afrin River in the west and its rocks are very fragile and they are  600 meters of height and  Mount Parseih beside Al-Qastal is 800 meters of length and it forms a part of Aleppo Hill.

3-The area of the plain :
Al-Joumeh plain: It is a fertile plain and Afrin River forms its main area and it is located to the south of Al-Kurd Mount and to the east of lilon Mount and Barish and Dwella Mountains to the north While it forms a depression with an area of about 900 sq km and 35 % of the area's people inhabit there . The soil of the plain is red and deep and there is much mineral water in it such as in Al- Hammam  and Tel-Sallour .This plain has great importance in farming and it is provided with aqueducts to irrigate its lands from the seventeenth of April Dam


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evan | بازار عفرين
من اجمل المناطق الشعبية
19:31:24 , 2012/06/01

روفاند | ربوع عفرين
لكم جزيل الشكر
03:41:27 , 2012/05/10

جوان | كوتانة
بدي موقع قرية كوتانا
22:21:01 , 2012/02/29

عيشة | عفرين
اقدر جهودكم واتمنالكم النجاح واحب اسال عن خريطة قرى عفرين اذا موجود
22:10:00 , 2012/02/29

egit& azad | sbas
شكرا على هذا الموقع الجميل و المميز 0
21:32:23 , 2012/01/26

نضال | كوران جنة عفرين
ليش مافي صورى ناحية راجو باكمل
23:24:30 , 2012/01/13

جيان | طلب و امنية
اتمنى ان يكون هناك صور لقرية حاج خليل و معلومات عنها اشكركم جزيل الشكر
16:22:15 , 2011/12/09

narin | عفرين عشقي وهوايا
نشكر لكم جهودكم ونتمنى مزيدا من الصور الرائعة
00:43:40 , 2011/11/07

جغرافي بانكين | ليش
اين صورة قرية جلمة من صور ناحية جنديرس بالرغم /جلمة عمود الفقري لجنديرس/ ليش
16:04:19 , 2011/08/23

بانكين | عفوا
قرية الحمام لا تقع في سهل جومة
15:39:10 , 2011/08/23

hamrena | عتاب
أين صورة قرية بركشة من ضمن صور ناحية بلبل ؟ ليش مستهونين بهذه القرية ؟
00:38:44 , 2011/07/24

hamren | تعليق
ليش من نواحي بلبل بس حاطين عن بركشة (مع أنو أنا من بركشة )في ضيع كتير تابعين لنواحي بلبل . وشكرا............
05:44:25 , 2011/07/06

ميديا | عفرين
ما اجمالك ياعفرين أنكي جنة الله على الارض
13:44:03 , 2011/06/25

كيفارا | اغاني
ارجومنكم المزيد من الاغاني الفلكلورية الكردية بنفس نمط اغنية كل ضيع
02:18:57 , 2011/06/14

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Afrin in Lines » The districts and Villages of Afrin