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Jindares Town

Jindares Town is one of the ancient inhabited places on the ancient Roman Road which is passing Jindares to Annabi Hori and Intaki .

The Town is located in the midst of fertile plains at a level of 231 meters and it is surrounded with many springs and Afrin River is  /5 km /to the south of it . All these things made it one of the most important ancient centers in the southern part of Joumeh Plain .

The present southern part , which is opposite the Ruined Hill , is the main village before it became the centre of the town . Jindares is now a big town with houses spreading in streets on a wide spot of land in the middle of a plain of olive trees . The houses are spread till " Yalankouz "village to the north . It has got a population of  9495 people in the end of  2001 according to the civil Register of the town but the number of its population is increasing day by day because of the emigration to it from the surrounding villages .
Jindares is an important centre which has  33 villages and 29 farms and it is with an area of 320,10 square  km .

Its neighbours are the following villages : 
Sheik Al- Hadeed and Maabatli at the north , Afrin at the east , Samaan Mount and Idleb City at the south and Iskandaroun Region at the west . Jindares is connected with Afrin by a long route of  20 kilo meters .

Jindares has a remarkable economic activity comparing to the other centres and it is an agricultural town because all its people work in agriculture especially olive trees farming as well as wheat , sunflower seeds and other grains on the banks of Afrin River .
There are also many shops and olive oil squeezes in the town .

This is in addition to some jobs such as carpentry , smithiness and many work shops for machinery repairing and building substances and there is a weekly market on Monday.


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خبات عمر | القامشلي
شكرا جزيلا لكم انااعشق هدا المكان
15:21:38 , 2012/05/28

ابو نور | عفرين سحر الكون
جنديرس ناحية جميلة اهلها لطفاء اهدي سلامي لكل من ساهما بهازا العمل
14:35:42 , 2012/05/02

ديار | يونان
جميل هذا العمل نر يد اكثر صور حتى نكون قريبا من الواقع \\\\ الف شكر لكم
14:12:33 , 2012/04/18

القيصر | شيخ مقصود
1000جار سعتوا خوش
22:31:06 , 2012/02/29

حمودة - توبو | لبنان
الله يعطيكون العافية -- موقع جميل سعتو وا خوشبي gelek spas
19:09:30 , 2012/02/25

عارف دالو | هكجي
احب انزل الي جنديرس
20:29:07 , 2011/12/25

ديب | توسع في تعرف على البلدة
100ساعت خوش
13:48:09 , 2011/12/01

مهند | جلمة
شكرا لموقع تيريج عفرين و الله محيي شباب قرية جلمة
10:45:15 , 2011/08/10

خطاب حسن | شكرا كتيير على الاستفسار
شكراا كتيير سعات خوش
18:29:38 , 2011/05/16

عبدو محمد | لبنان
هل صحيح عدد سكان قريه جوبانلي 448
23:17:17 , 2011/05/10

مروان قشقو | استفسار
مدينة جميلة جدا وأحب زياتها في العطلة الصيفية
18:52:57 , 2011/04/15

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Afrin in Lines » The districts and Villages of Afrin » Jindares Town