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 Al-Maabatli Town

Al-Maabatli Town is located on a rocky long hill directed from the east to the west and it 560 meters of height and it is covered with olive and oak trees . The Hill is very steepy towards the north , west and east . Al-Maabatli is connected with the village "Kantara " from the west and "Ketraniyga " village from the north . It had got a population of 7045 people according to the civil register . It is fifteen km to the north western of Afrin . Its old buildings are built of stones and wood but the modern ones are built of cement and lately many villas have been built in this town and they are spread on the hill beautifully .
There are small and simple shops as well as workshops to repair machinery and modern smithies . People usually work in agriculture especially in olive farming .

Al-Maabatli became a centre of the province in 1975, and it has 35 villages as well as 10 farms .
Afrin centre and sharran villages are to the east of Al-Maabatli , Jindares from the south ,  Sheik Al-Hadeed is from the west and Rajo from the north . Al-Maabatli is with an area of 245,74 sq km . The name of the town "Al-Maabatli " is of a Kurdish origin and perhaps is derived from the names of the four families which were in that town many years  ago , or perhaps this name is a Kurdish translation of the word "Al-Al Bait" which means  "the owners of the Home " because its people belong to the Al-Alawi belief .

Al-Mabatli villages  :  Ketranli – Abraze – Roto – Anbar – Al Yateema – - Oksouzli – Yakhour – Brimja – Sulieman Farm – Sulo Farm – Hai Qasim – Addafla –Khazian Fokani and Tehtani – Dar Kabeer – Arrahmaniyya – Al-Maazoula – Rotanli – Addalia – Assahhal – Se Malek – Ashshorba – Skeik kelo – Asheik Al-Akraa – Skeik Hekto – Satianli – Shirkanli – Asafraa – Arab Oshaghi – Arab Sheiko – Ein Al-Hajjar

(Al-Mazraa) – Kantara – Korkan Fokani and Tentani – Silo Farm – Al Maasara – Ashour / Mesto Ashour – Al Balotiyya – Keshla (Berka) – Ali Jaro – Mirkan – Assarra – Ghobak – Al Hayat – A Jazrouniyya / Kokan / - Ghamrouk .


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جان | عرب حمشلك
ايمت بدنا نشوف أسماء الضيع بأسمائها الأصلية....وشكرااااااااا
18:00:49 , 2012/06/23

زهير ابو احمد | خزيان تحتاني الخضراء
(انا ابن خزيان وهل ضيعة ضيعة حلوة كتير بنصح الكل يزورها راح تعجبوكون وبشكور شكر كبير لا تيريج عفرين يلي منحتنا نشوف ضيعتنيا بلغربة من فترة لا تانية )مع تحيات ابو احمد وشكرا
22:41:01 , 2012/03/07

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Afrin in Lines » The districts and Villages of Afrin » Al-Maabatli Town