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Sharran Town
Sharran Town is the ancient town and is located on the western front of the hill which is 500 meters of height . It is 13 kilometers to the north eastern of Afrin .

It is an ancient town because there are many huge old stones of building and a cemetery as well as many water wells which are dug in the rock and its history dates back to the Roman Era . Its old houses were built of stones and clay and the modern ones are  built of cement . It has got a population of about 2172 people for the town and 47903 people for the whole centre . The town is above "Sinkerli" village about of 1 kilometers of height . Its people work in agriculture and it is surrounded with olive , fruit trees orchards .

There are many shops and workshops in the town . It is with an area of 331,35 square km .

Its neighbours are : Azaz Town at the east , centre villages at the south , Bulbol and Maabatli villages at the west and the Turkish borders at the north . It has got 37 villages and 7 farms and the Hill was an important police station at  the time of the French occupation of Syria .

Sharran now is a beautiful Town and it has got a nice steep towards the west and there are many modern buildings and villas there .
The name "Sharran" in Kurdish means "Fighting " and in Hurrian language it means
" The King " .

The villages of Sharran Town :
Babelion – Al Karra – Chamman – Holloubi Saghir – Holloubi Kabir – Sinkerli – Tel Aswad – Al Hefra – Ali Bazan – Al Omarriyya – Telilak – Kouzli Bikar – Katemah – Al Kastal – Addib Assaghi and Addib al kabir – Kortkelak – Kafer Jennah – Fateera – Addouha – Mashaala – Midanki – Dowerli – Alji – Damah – Ballorriyya – Doraka –
Deir Sewan – Al Maamoud – Zetonak – Saarinjak – Shiltah – Arabwiran – Assim – Kastal Jindo – Al Bostan Al Kabir – Mersawa – Dirkan – Yazi Baghi .


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Afrin in Lines » The districts and Villages of Afrin » Sharran Town