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Bulbol Town

Bulbol is located on the south front of Al-Kabeer Hill which is the highest mountain in Aleppo city and it is of 1269 meters in height . This Mountain is covered with oak trees .

It is an old center of thirty villages and thirteen farms. It is with a total area of 229,95 square Kilometers . The borders of Bulbol town are : Sharran village to the east , Rajo to the west , Maabatli is to the south and the Turkish borders to the north . It is 695 meters of height from the sea level . It is about 50 Kilometers to Afrin and about 90 Kilometers to Aleppo .

Bulbol is a small town but a big village . It has got a population of 4260 people according to the civil register and it was a civil center since the Ottoman era as well as it was a center of Al- Sheik Ismaeil Zada Family many years ago .

The people of Bulbol work in agriculture and sheep, goats keeping . There are some of the work shops to repair machines and sell building substances as well as some oil squeezes .

The old buildings in the village were built of stone and clay , but the modern buildings are built of cement and they are spread on the front of the mountain . Bulbol Town has got     33 primary schools, 5 preparatory schools and it has got about 90,000 olive trees and about 6000 sheep.

The name of "Bulbol" is its new name , but its old name was "Ahzee" and it goes back to the Ottoman era .

"Annabi Hori " which is an old ruined site is about /12/ Km to the east of Bulbol and it is a beautiful tourist attraction on the banks of Afrin and Saboon Rivers where it is raining and many springs burst in Bulbol and its villages to become like prosperous gardens .

The western Heights of Bulbol contain iron metal as well as mines of coloured marble .

The villages of Bulbol Town are :
Obel Oshaghi - Konak /Bakeja Konak - Farshek Farm -  Balikoi-Opeh / Bil Opeh Si – Al Tefla /Big Oshaghi -  Bilan – Deir Hassan / Hassan Deirli – Khoder / Dobero – Cholakli – Al Khalil / Khalilak – Oshaghi – Addeek – Zaaera – Sharkan – Barkashe – Kastal Mekdad – Sheik Khoraz – Assagher -  Al Marooba / Solakeli – Ali Beik Farm –Abodan – Haftaro – Ashshooneh – Ashshooneh -  Zefenk – Ali Al Atrash / Ali Kar – Okan – Ali Jaro – Al Hajeb – Raas Al Ahmar – Hozan – Koraneh – Al Mahmoudyya – Al Yabesa – Kotan – Al Modalla – Assaeida – Jerka – Assamha – Al Aliyyah – Annour – Al Masara – Bendark – Zaara – Shenkil .


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