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Dodree cave is one of the common spread caves in Afrin river valley and Lelon Mount. This cave is located in the middle of the western steep of Lelon mount between th Burj Abdalo and Gazzawyya in a village which has the same name (Dodree).

The cave is thirteen Kilometer to the south of Afrin and two Kilometers to the east of Burj Abdalo, Gazzawyya villages and four Kilometers to the west of Afrin river.

It is about /450/ Kilometers height from the level of the sea and this Cave is very steep in the west. If you stand in the middle of the valley to look at south, you will see the northern gate of the Cave which is an arch shaped and it is over 100 meters of height and looking on the valley as a straight line you can't reach.

The name (Dodree) means "with two doors or Gates". Its first gate looks over the valley at the north and its dimensions are /8/ meters in width and /5/ meters in height. On the other hand ,its second southern Gate is like a vast natural chimney opened towards the sky along the steep of the mountains, so it is difficult to see it except when you arrive there. Beside this door(gate) there is a wide piece of land. The depth of the Cave is about/30/ meters, its ceiling is an arch shaped and it is of about/8/ meters height at the southern gate (the chimney).

The Cave was referred to as a site for excavating by a Japanese Syrian mission in 1988 and the excavation process started in 1989. During the excavation they found /70/ piece of the skeleton of Niandertall man of the ancient stone age which was found with its bones in the Cave of Shandiar in the north of Iraq and Amad- Diar Baker in turkey.

The mission had finished its work in 1993 and at the end it issued a report was published in 1993.

The first surprise in 1993 during the process of excavation was that they found a complete skeleton of a child aged two years and its situation indicated that he was buried in a primal way and that skeleton was the most perfect of a Niadertal man in the world. The archaeologists expected that the age of the bones is about 100,000 years. But the second surprise was in 1999 when the archaeologists found another skeleton of a Niadertal child , but they haven't introduced any information about its age and the of its death yet. After this excavation process and discoveries, the Japanese Syrian mission considered this Cave very important and they put iron doors on the two gates of the Cave and as a result , this Cave was considered one of the most important ruinous sites in the world.

The Reference:

-The information about the excavating process in 1989 and 1990 are taken from a report was published in Japan in "Source Magazine" page 361 to 387- Anthropol [sci] 1014 -1993.

- A lecture was made by Japanese scientists (Akazawa) in 1996 in Al-Deyyat institute in Aleppo . al Hiwaar Magazine copy number 1 page 16- 17.

- A scripture was written by Dr. Mohammed Abdo Ali.

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Afrin in Lines » The Archeological Sites in Afrin » Dodree Cave