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For some reason or other, it is named Qeemar by both Father Koshakji and Father Yateem. Anyway, today Kimar is a big village located among wonderful ancient ruins where some villagers are still using reservoirs from the sixth century AD. Kimar directly overlooks Basoutah village and it was a summer resort to Basoutah inhabitants especially in the Roman and Byzantine era.

There were many palaces and houses in this village where their doorways and jambs still exist up till now. Moreover, there were three churches in Kimar: the first one was built in the fifth century AD, where only its pulpit and some steps of the altar still survive, the second one was built in 573 AD east of the village, where only some steps of its altar and the domed ceiling inscribed with two opposite peacocks above the altar still survive, while the third church is part of the monastic community center which exists out of the village; this center is considered the pearl of Kimar and includes a church from the sixth century AD south of the village, Samaan (Symeon) column with (15.68) meters in height ( its whole pieces exist at a distance of (13) meters from the church) and only a room from the abbey whose other parts are buried with the graveyard in the ground at a distance of (50) meters northeast of the column. Also, there is a worship tower in the middle of the village.

Translated by
Rashid Oso

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Afrin in Lines » The Archeological Sites in Afrin » KIMAR