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The historic sources and the ruinous discoveries refer to the fact that the location of Jenderes is one of the ancient inhabited places. Its location is strategic because of many reasons:

It is midst fertile plains, the existence of several springs and Afrin river nearby, and it was a cross road on the ancient Roman road which was leading to Alnabi Houri and Intake. All these reasons made it one of the most important ancient settlement in the southern part of Joumeh plain . it is thought that the present southern avenue, which is opposite Jenderes hill, is the base village before developing  and turning into a town then a center , was instructed on the ruins of ancient Jenderes. In 1996 during a process of digging of a wall based in the Bazar site 200 Km to the north of the hill, workers found many tools and bronze statues, so the archaeologists considered this place as if it was an industrial workshop in the ancient eras.

But the ruinous Jenderes hill which is with an area of over 20 hectares to the south of the present town is the most important, so it was registered under the number 266 as a ruinous hill in Aleppo city and many excavating teams have been working in for many years.

Most of the ancient historic sources emphasize the historic importance of Jenderes town. It was the cradle of priests' Homes in the north of Syria in the first centuries (AC)Bolos Yateem page 16. It is said that one of Yolianous  Arrahawi's pupils built Isterious church in Jenderes at the end of the Emperor Kistantine's time from 306-337(A.Hajjar, Samaan church, page16).

The Islamic forces entered this area and its villages in 637(AC)under Ayyad Bin Abed Ghannam, the leader of the Islamic forces.

Ibn Shaddad described Jenderes and the importance of its location saying:"the most important part of Joumeh plain is the hot sulfuric springs which run to Al-Hammam village which was named by Hindras or Jenderes and it has got a strange building formed out of stones, and visitors come from many places to swim in this water in order to recover from illness, but it is very strange that nobody knows where this water comes from or where it goes(The selected pearl-page131).

Perhaps Ibn Shaddad meant by his description the hot baths which were found in Al-Hammam village to the west of Jenderes where the line of the border had divided this village into two halves:

The Turkish part which is removed and moved to become inland, but the Syrian part is still inhabited.

Jenderes now is a big town, an important centre in Afrin region and it is located in the middle of a vast plain which is surrounded with olive trees and orchards.

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Afrin in Lines » The Archeological Sites in Afrin » Jenderes