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Three kilometers to the north of Basoutah village is Kurzehel (Joomeh). There is a spring down the village and the village's shrine is beside it.

According to Father Yateem, it has been inhabited since the Middle Ages. Kurzehel became a big village in the Byzantine era with more than four thousand Christians; the vast geographical spaces of this village where the relics and the features of old houses are spread indicate this fact.

Kurzehel was an important religious and civilian center. It had a church and a very big abbey, which was on the road of the passing caravans, with (70) meters in length and at a distance of (100) meters north of the spring while the column of hermits was at the foot the mountain east of the abbey.

Kurzehel was the stronghold of priests and a remarkable religious and scientific source on the banks of River Afrin through many centuries. In the tenth century AD, two Syriac patriarchs were born in this village: Patriarch Youhanna the fourth (900-922 AD) and Patriarch Youhanna the sixth (905-957 AD).

"It (Kurzehel) is one of Omuq districts where Muslem Ibn Quraish Al-Akeeli, the prince of Sham, was killed by Suleiman Ibn Katlameesh "(Yaqoot Al-Hamwi: volume 2, page 242).

Today Kurzehel is a beautiful inhabited village, where its houses are spread at the rocky foot of Mt Liloon and surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens.

The references:
1- Articles on Syria Relics by Polus Yateem.
2- A manuscript by Dr. Muhammad Abdo Ali.

Translated by
Rashid Oso

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Afrin in Lines » The Archeological Sites in Afrin » KURZEHEL